Backsaver Bag

  $49.95     Style: #RN-12

A back saver bag, with its unique style is designed to take any weight off your shoulder and distribute it more evenly on your back. The wide adjustable strap is more comfortable than a regular purse. This bag is made of 100% leather and measures 16” down by 7” across with a 4” width. On one side are two zippered pockets, one measures 5” and the other 8”. On the opposite side, another 5” zippered pocket and a velcro pocket 5.5” x 8”. On the end, an open pouch, perfect for glasses, along with an expandable cell pocket. The 12.5” zippered opening opens wide to find things easily, and inside you’ll find another 5” zippered pocket. You won’t find any reason not to love this purse.